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With its natural beauty and suitability superior to natural granite, Jonite swimming pool grates make for the perfect pool grating.
Toddler Safe
Colour durability due to low water absorption
Slip resistant
Heat resistant
Environmentally friendly
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5KN - Strictly for pedestrian application only

Decorative Pool Grate Designs

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Swimming pools are no longer seen just as an amenity; today, they are part of an enticing landscape. A swimming pool can make or break an entire hardscape design. Overflow pools are becoming a common type of pool in residential and commercial properties. Landscape architects can express their vision by introducing various shapes, colors, and tiles to make something completely different.

Jonite custom designs provide exceptional performance in conjunction with the protective coping made by pool companies. The coping separates a swimming pool’s shell and the surrounding surface area, preventing water from getting behind the shell and directing the flow of splashed liquid into your grate drains. Made with advanced hybrid polymers and 95% natural aggregates, Jonite materials deliver strength and durability to last in outdoor conditions with regular use.

Compliant with international load standards, Jonite pool grates include specially treated steel frames. Low water and heat absorption make the products ideal for pools receiving direct sunlight. With rust prevention, these reinforcements can deliver beauty and function for a lifetime.

Available Colours

* Please note that the samples inherit their core colours from their natural sources, colour may vary

Design Options

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Benefits of Choosing Jonite Pool Grates

Jonite swimming pool gratings bring in a natural stone that adds a high-end elegance reminiscent of ancient Greece and luxurious Roman pools. Jonite’s capabilities to create custom pool grates upon request help bring your ideas to life. In addition to offering an appealing aesthetic, Jonite grates provide the following benefits:

  • Toddler-safe: The small elliptical holes of baby pebbles and narrow slit slots of the Chiseled Rain design collection eliminate the danger of toddlers catching their toes in the pool grating.
  • Fade-resistant: Jonite pool gratings have a low water absorption rate of 0.5%. They maintain their color when in contact with pool water, unlike natural stone slabs, which can discolor when in contact with water.
  • Slip-resistant: Jonite stone swimming pool grates have excellent natural slip resistance, making it comfortable and safe for both children and adults, especially in frequently wet areas.
  • Heat resistant: The pool grates are also heat resistant, which makes the gratings more comfortable to step on in the heat of the midday sun.
  • Corrosion-resistant: The pool grates are built using composite reinforcements, ensuring longevity in the swimming pool as it is corrosion-resistant.

Optional Customisation

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  • 01

    Custom color, design,
    size and texture

  • 02

    Custom curves

  • 03

    Lockable grates

  • 04

    Heel proof grates

  • Frequently
    Asked Questions

    Are Jonite pool grates slip resistant?

    Jonite pool grates are slip resistant. We have conducted Pendulum and Ramp tests on our products to make sure they meet industry standards for slip resistance. With a class V on the Pendulum test and an R10 on the Ramp test, Jonite can handle most locations and applications.

    Are pool grates necessary for my pool?

    Pool grates may not be necessary for all types of pools. However, for overflow pools, they significantly reduce the splash generated from the pool when in use.

    Can I use Jonite pool grates for curved pools?

    Yes. Curve grates are available in any radius & design through Jonite customisation service. All radius will also be consolidated from a full-scale CAD drawing to help minimise cost.

    Can I use Jonite pool grates if my pool is not an overflow pool?

    Absolutely. Jonite pool grates are excellent for pool decks because not only do they help drain water and prevent dirty water from entering the pool from maintenance, they also create an aesthetical feature with its appealing designs.

    Can I use Jonite trench grates near my pool?

    Yes, you can unless they are within 3 metres of your pool, which Jonite would then recommend Jonite pool grates instead. The main difference is the reinforcements, which for pool grates are a non-ferrous composite material.

    How does Jonite pool grates compare to natural stone cut pool grates?

    It may be tempting to use the same stone flooring to cut slits or puncture holes and use them as a grate. However, they are a nightmare for maintenance as most are not strong enough even for human traffic. Some may overcompensate the strength with a much thicker slab, but that would only make the grate too heavy.

    How durable are Jonite pool grates near chlorine pools or fountains?

    Jonite pool grates are specially designed to be resistant to chlorine. On top of that, it contains reinforcements made of a non-ferrous composite material which prevents it from rusting but at the same time, providing excellent compressive strength while being lightweight.