High Flow Drains

Combining linear drains and collector into one complete system, increasing speed of installation.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • High strength
  • Saves money and time
  • Metal retaining clamps - stabilize position during the concreting process
  • Electric welding machine provided for installation
  • Suitable for collecting and transporting rainwater
  • Slot drainage and collector in one system
  • Lightweight compared to concrete or metal
  • Excellent watertight connections by electrial welding
  • Length up to 6M (standard sizes 2M) - fewer joints required
  • One concrete pour


The system achieves high watertightness and bond strengths through the use of electric welding.

  • One electrofusion welding machine can make two welds simultaneously
  • 12M in 30 minutes
Hydromaxx Electrofusion
Hydromaxx Installation