Why SABdrain? - It's the details that make the difference

The SABdrain Advantage

Ease of Assembly

The modular design of SABdrain makes the assembly and installation of the drainage channels easy, thus saving time and money.


SABdrain products are made from 100% recyclable products that can be used again in the manufacturing process. Therefore protecting for the environment for the future generations.

Hydraulic Performance

The smooth rounded internal surface of the SABdrain water drainage systems creates higher flows rates while allowing a self cleaning action thus avoiding the accumulation of silt deposits.

Chemical Resistance

Due to SABdrain's superior Polypropylene construction, it is able to resist most chemical agents, acids, salts, alkaline, fuels, oils, fats, etc.

High Strength

The advanced construction of the SABdrain drainage channel gives it greater structural rigidity, protecting it from damage during and after installation.


Being manufactured from lightweight materials, SABdrain has the added advantage of being easier to handle, transport, and install.


Anti-slip buttons giving the grate a slip resistance surface.


2 point security lock-down for Anti-Theft peace of mind

SABdrain vs the Competition

Compared to Polymer Concrete Channel sabdrain has a lighter chanel weight, Faster Installation, Quicker flow rate and more strength than your standerd Polymer concrete channel.

Polymer benefits

What makes SABdrain different?

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