Jonite Stone Hardscape Products: Frequently Asked Questions

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About Jonite

What are Jonite products made from?

Jonite products are made from reconstituted stone. Created from 95% natural aggregates and advanced hybric polymers, Jonite products provide a finish which is both luxurious and natural to the touch.

Where are Jonite products made?

Jonite is based in Singapore. SABdrain does stock a limited range

Are Jonite products sustainable?

Jonite is on a mission to lead the way towards a greener future. This is why everything Jonite does starts with sustainability in mind. All Jonite products are proudly made of at least 30% recycled materials. Unused products don’t go in the trash. Steel and stone that meet their strict requirements are recycled so they can be used again as raw materials.

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Do Jonite products contain silica?

Jonite has worked hard to ensure their products contain less than 1% silica, which has been accepted by SafeWorkNSW. It is rare that a Jonite product will need to be cut on site. If so, it should be done with correct PPE.

Lead Times

Average lead time is 12-14 weeks. Please contact us to confirm lead times as this can vary.

Is there a minimum order for customization?


How are Jonite products made?

Jonite products are crafted by blending a variety of materials, including natural stone elements and resin as a binding agent, which are then compressed into a mold and reinforced to enhance strength.

Minimum Impact Disposal - Can the product be recycled? Can it be broken down?

Jonite can be crushed and broken down into smaller aggregates as road base.

Jonite Trench Grates

How durable are Jonite trench grates?

Jonite trench grates are incredibly durable due to the unique properties of the material. Jonite natural decorative trench grates are rust and corrosion resistant, low heat absorption, slip resistant and have a high load bearing performance.

How well do Jonite trench grates hold up under extreme weather?

Specified in projects all over the world including Dubai, Singapore and various states in the United States, Jonite has been used in the hottest, coldest and most humid places in the world with no known problems.

Would I be able to customise vehicle rated trench grates?

Yes you can, although designs may be limited. The customisation may also depend on the size and load class required. Contact us to explore your options.

I am thinking of customising designs or colours. Where do I start?

Jonite has a transparent step-by-step process page on their website to give you an idea.

Can I use Jonite trench grates near my pool?

Yes, unless they are within 3 metres of your pool, which Jonite would then recommend Jonite pool grates instead. The main difference is the reinforcements, which for pool grates are a non-ferrous composite material.

Can I drive a car over Jonite grates?

Jonite has grates rated from 6KN – Class D

Are Jonite grates anti-slip?

Jonite grates have excellent natural slip resistance, making it comfortable and safe especially in frequently wet areas.

Jonite Pool Grates

How durable are Jonite pool grates in a chlorine pool or fountain?

Jonite pool grates are specially designd to be resistant to chlorine. On top of that, it contains reinforcements made of a non-ferrous composite material to prevent rusting but at the same time, providing excellent compressive strength & lightweight.

Are pool grates necessary for my pool?

Pool grates may not be necessary for all types of pools. However for overflow pools, they significantly reduce the splash generated from the pool when in use. 

Can I use Jonite pool grates if my pool is not an overflow pool?

Absolutely, Jonite pool grates are excellent for pool decks- not only do they help drain water and prevent dirty water from entering the pool, but they also create a feature with Jonite’s aesthetic designs.

How do Jonite pool grates compare with natural cut stone pool grates?

It may be tempting to use the same stone flooring to cut slits or puncture holes and use them as a grate. However, they are a nightmare for maintenance as most are not strong enough even for human traffic. Some may overcompensate the strength with a much thicker slab, but that would only make the grate too heavy.

Can I use Jonite pool grates for curved pools?

Yes, curve grates are available in any radius and design through Jonites customisation service. All radius will also be consolidated from a full scale CAD drawing to help minimise cost.

Are Jonite grates anti-slip?

Jonite grates have excellent natural slip resistance, making it comfortable and safe especially in frequently wet areas.

Jonite Tree Grates

Are Jonite's tree grates compliant with the American Disabilities Act (ADA)?

Some of Jonite’s models are ADA compliant. Should you prefer a particular design, Jonite can modify and customize the grates to be ADA compliant

Do Jonite tree grates come with inner ring expandability for growing trees?

Not all tree species need this feature, but if you do, Jonite has select tree grate models like their ADA Collection, which offers up to 4 different inner diameters (390/460/530/600mm). Should you need even more expandability, some models like the Square Slots can expand even beyond that. Contact us for better advice on this.

What kind of customizations are able to be done to Jonite tree grates?

Along with the usual suspects of colour and design customization across most of Jonite products, they can also customize the tree grates’ configurations. For example, if you require a specific shape or an unusually large area, Jonite can plan and design tree grate configurations to fit your needs. Features like expandability, lockability, and light ports can also be customized.

Do I need to meet a minimum order quantity to customize tree grates?


Are Jonite tree grates suitable for vehicular applications

Jonite current standard models can sustain loads of up to 5KN, which is strictly for pedestrian application. However, Jonite can customize the tree grates’ design and the support frames for a specific load class. Please note that the support for the tree grates needs to be certified by a professional engineer to sustain the particular load class.

How durable are Jonite tree grates compared to cast iron tree grates?

Jonite tree grates, like all Jonite products, are made of a proprietary stone composite material with unique properties. When correctly installed, the material ages very similarly to natural stone but excellent UV and weather resistance. However, unlike cast iron, the material does not rust with time and is outstanding for many applications.

Jonite Breeze Blocks

How do Jonite breeze blocks compare with traditional concrete blocks?

The comparison reveals many advantages. Regular concrete blocks are commonly found in raw concrete colors, and colored variations often appear largely synthetic. In stark contrast, Jonite Breeze Blocks are significantly more durable, owing to their exceptionally low water absorption capacity and self-cleaning capabilities, making them far more durable than traditional concrete breeze blocks. With high compressive and tensile strength, Jonite Breeze Blocks are substantially stronger than concrete blocks, expanding their potential applications. 

Are Jonite breeze blocks suitable for outdoor applications?

Certainly! Jonite Breeze Blocks aren’t merely appropriate for exterior use, but they thrive under these conditions. Their special material makeup allows them to resist even the most severe weather and temperature conditions. They also feature self cleaning properties, making them significantly more durable than traditional concrete breeze blocks.

Can Jonite breeze blocks be customised to a specific open area?

Absolutely, Jonite is capable of tailoring a breeze block to match your unique open area needs. In contrast to other Jonite products, breeze blocks are less reliant on load requirements, giving us increased flexibility in open area customization.

Jonite Sump Grates

What is the difference between a sump cover and trench grate?

The most significant difference is that a sump cover is designed for point drainage systems while trench grates are used for linear drain systems. In most cases, point drainage is more inexpensive as you use fewer grates.

Can I use sump covers as a complete replacement to trench grates?

This depends on several factors such as gradients and drainage requirements of a site. For some projects which require a large dispersion of water from a wide area, linear drains may be more suitable. Stone sump covers can also be used in conjunction with trench grates for more drainage.

Can I customise the size & designs of Jonite sump covers?

Similar to trench grates, the customisation process is the same.

Can I use Jonite sump covers for my driveway?

Sump covers are omnipresent in driveways and similar to its trench grate counterparts, Jonite sump covers can be made up to D400 (400KN) Load Class. Jonite high-performance standard models come in a wide range of sizes.

Jonite Ventilation Grates/Decorative Panels

Can I design a ventilation grate to a specific open area?

Yes, Jonite can customise a design for the ventilation panel based on your required open area, as well as work with several parameters such as designs, sizing and apeture size.

Can Jonite ventilation grates be used for both vertical and horizontal installation?

High compressive load strength allows for sturdy horizontal installation for minimal pedestrian use. As for vertical installation, load bearing requirements are usually not needed but Jonite ventilation grates are rated for at least 5KN.

Do you provide fixtures for vertical ventilation installation?

Jonite designs & manufactures the panels required without any fixtures and fittings.

Can Jonite ventilation grates be customised for vehicular application?

Yes this is possible, however open area and design may be limited.

What is the largest size of panel that can be customised?

Jonite does not typically customise panels larger than 1m X 1m, however panels can be assembled seamlessly if a larger area is required.

Jonite Street Benches

How weather resistant are Jonite street benches?

Due to the unique properties of the material, the heat absorption is better than most materials such as metal or wood. Low water absorption and the perforations on the benches also helps with faster drying after rain.

What can be customised with street benches?

Jonite can customise the designs and colours of the panels.

Can I conceptualise and design a unique street bench?


Can Jonite ventilation grates be customised for vehicular application?

Yes this is possible, however open area and design may be limited.

What is the largest size of panel that can be customised?

Jonite does not typically customise panels larger than 1m X 1m, however panels can be assembled seamlessly if a larger area is required.

Can Jonite design the support if I were to customise the panels for my bench?

Jonite can design a simple panel support system required to support its custom panels for seating, however any mounting or fixtures will not be included in the design.