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Ventilation can now be beautiful and multi-purpose, enabled by Jonite's highly customizable designs and excellent load-bearing strength.
Highly customizable
Beautiful modern aesthetics
Excellent load bearing strength
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Purposeful and Decorative Ventilation Grilles

Ventilation (rendered)

Ventilation is of primary concern to architects. When designed well, it can make a building come alive and can help building owners achieve green energy savings through improved ventilation. Every building design is unique. Therefore the Net Free Area requirements for ventilation grilles can vary vastly.

With over 20 years of experience in the materials industry partnering with landscape architects, Jonite understands this deeply. All of Jonite’s decorative ventilation grilles can be customized to fit your requirements for open area percentage of ventilation, span, or design.

Available Colours

* Please note that the samples inherit their core colours from their natural sources, colour may vary

Design Options

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A Better Alternative to Standard Grilles

Traditional metal ventilation grilles are typically highly functional but non-decorative. Jonite designs their ventilation grilles with the aspiration of bringing an exciting alternative to aluminum or metallic alloy ventilation grilles through the introduction of beautiful reinforced stone products.

Jonite took inspiration from the aesthetically appealing stone of castles built during the Middle Ages to create visually pleasing pieces such as drains, grates and grilles. Jonite offer ways to personalize your order’s appearance with various sizes, colors and shapes, including earthy motifs and avant-garde patterns. The customized stone comes with a natural, luxurious finish.

Optional Customisation

Jonite Image Texture Colours2
  • 01

    Custom color, design,
    size and texture

  • 02

    Custom curves

  • 03

    Lockable grates

  • 04

    Heel proof grates

  • Frequently
    Asked Questions

    Can I design a Jonite Ventilation Grate to a specific open area?

    Yes, if you provide your required open area Jonite can customise the design based on those requirements. They can also work with several parameters together like open area, design and size, for example.

    Can Jonite Ventilation Grates be customized for vehicular applications?

    Yes, this is possible. However, the open area and design of the grate may be limited, similar to a customised trench grate.

    Can Jonite Ventilation Grates be used for vertical and horizontal installation?

    High compressive load strength allows for sturdy horizontal installation for minimal pedestrian use. As for vertical installation, load-bearing requirements are usually not needed, but Jonite ventilation grates are rated for at least 5KN.

    What is the largest size of Jonite panel that can be customized?

    Jonite does not typically customise panels larger than 1-metre x 1-metre in size. However the panels can be assembled seamlessly if you require a larger panel.

    Are Jonite products sustainable?

    Jonite commits to environmentally sustainable practices. We actively manage our energy, water, and waste with the future in mind. They use at least 30% recycled aggregates, which reduces carbon emissions by up to 80%.

    Jonite products are also Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certified (4 ticks, leader). This means that designers can score additional points under the Functional Systems Criteria (Flooring, Ceiling, Roof, External Wall, Internal Wall and Door systems) and/or Singular Sustainable Products outside of Functional Systems Criteria. This ensures that sustainability is integrated throughout the design and manufacturing process of green building products.