Natural reinforced stone trench grates, a modern finish that complements any city’s hardscape. With Jonite channel and trench grates, even the humble grate can be elevated to match your design.
Slip resistant
Rust & corrosion resistant
BS EN 124:2015 & 1433:2008 compliant
Dielectric properties with excellent electric insulator
Less heat absorbent than traditional ferrous grates
LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building certified

Protective and Architectural Trench Drain Grates

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A fundamental hardscape design element of any modern city is the drainage system, which protects against flooding by draining excess water away. Now, underground drainage systems are designed to cope with frequent storms where any excess water always travels along the planned drainage flow paths to prevent flooding. Drainage systems are carefully planned to factor in the impact the drainage system has on our natural rivers and creeks. We are preventing waste from being washed into rivers and seas.

At Jonite, their reinforced stone channel grates and trench grates have redefined the role of gratings and drain covers in the architecture industry. With Jonite channel gratings and trench gratings, outdoor drain covers are more than functional products — they become a cornerstone in your design. They can become design focal points, inviting the viewer’s eye to follow intricate patterns that open up into the building design.

Available Colours

* Please note that the samples inherit their core colours from their natural sources, colour may vary

Design Options

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Impressive Materials for Channel Drain Grates

Inspired by aesthetically pleasing stone castles built during the Middle Ages, Jonite sought to transform natural stone into grates. Seven years of extensive research and development produced the world’s first reinforced stone grate for commercial use. They launched the durable and functional product in 1994 and continue to lead in the trench gate industry as the only provider of stone composite products that can compete with metal.

Jonite materials consist of advanced hybrid polymers and 95% natural aggregates. Using at least 30% recycled materials in manufacturing makes our products a sustainable choice. Jonite carries globally recognized green building credentials, such as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, for responsible, environmentally friendly use of materials.

With welded materials joined in the stone composite, Jonite grates achieve impressive load-bearing strength and performance. The result is BS EN 124:2015- and 1433:2008 compliant, meeting international guidelines for standard application in areas with vehicles and pedestrians.

Optional Customisation

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    Custom color, design,
    size and texture

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    Custom curves

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    Lockable grates

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    Heel proof grates

  • Frequently
    Asked Questions

    Are Jonite trench grates slip resistant?

    Jonite trench grates are slip resistant. Jonite has conducted Pendulum and Ramp tests on products to make sure they meet industry standards for slip resistance. With a class V on the Pendulum test and an R10 on the Ramp test, Jonite can handle most locations and applications.

    Can I use Jonite trench grates near my pool?

    Yes, you can unless they are within 3 metres of your pool, which Jonite would then recommend Jonite pool grates instead. The main difference is the reinforcements, which for pool grates are a non-ferrous composite material.

    How durable are Jonite trench grates?

    Jonite trench grates are incredibly durable. We use materials that are rust and corrosion resistant, slip resistant, have a low heat absorption, and high load-bearing performance.

    How well do Jonite trench grates hold up under extreme weather?

    Specified in projects all over the world including Dubai, Singapore and various states in the United States, Jonite has been used in the hottest, coldest and most humid places in the world with no known problems.

    Are Jonite products sustainable?

    Jonite commits to environmentally sustainable practices. We actively manage our energy, water, and waste with the future in mind. They use at least 30% recycled aggregates, which reduces carbon emissions by up to 80%.

    Jonite products are also Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certified (4 ticks, leader). This means that designers can score additional points under the Functional Systems Criteria (Flooring, Ceiling, Roof, External Wall, Internal Wall and Door systems) and/or Singular Sustainable Products outside of Functional Systems Criteria. This ensures that sustainability is integrated throughout the design and manufacturing process of green building products.

    Can I drive a car over Jonite grates?

    Jonite has grates rated from 6KN – Class D.