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Polypropylene channel with Class C rated galvanised grates. Each galvanised grate comes with a 8 point security fixing, to keep it rattle free from vehicular movements & secure it from unauthorised access, as well as steel side edges to give greater resistance to heavy loads. Designed & recommended for malls & areas open to slow moving heavy commercial vehicles.

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Class C
Class C


Internal MeasurementExternal Measurement
300mm x 200mm390mm x 260mmRead more
300mm x 300mm390mm x 360mmRead more


Grande Series Channel Diagram


Product CodeLHL1H1D1D2D3D4D5S1S2AKG
DR603300200300200390260-----160200500 (sold in 1M lengths)34.15
DR603300300300300390360-----63100500 (sold in 1M lengths)35.6


603 Grate Diagram


CodeMaterialDrain Cm²AHH1LFLoad ClassKG
DR603GRATE300Galvanised22823762032100088 X 23C24.2

Asked Questions

Where can I purchase SABdrain?

We have over 800 distributors Australia wide. Find your nearest one here.

Alternatively, contact us & we can assist you.

Load Classes Explained

The load rating of a grate is a specification of the amount of weight the grate can withstand.

Residential- Will withstand 1.5 ton wheel loading. Footpaths & driveways.

Class A – 330kg nominal wheel loading. Pedestrians, cyclists.

Class B – 2,670kg nominal wheel loading. Driveways (cars & light commercial vehicles)

Class C – 5,000kg nominal wheel loading. Areas with slow moving traffic (shopping centres). Heavy commercial vehicles.

Class D – 8,000kg nominal wheel loading. Highways & roads, lightly loaded forklift, warehouse

Class E – 13,700kg nominal wheel loading. Commercial heavy wheeled traffic, hardwheeled forklifts, construction/military/mining vehicles

Class F – 20,000 nominal wheel loading. Docks, wharfs, airport serviceways & taxiways

Class G – 30,000 nominal wheel loading. Extra heavy duty, airport runways, docks

View our guide to load class classifications here.

SABdrain Lead Times

We hold a large amount of stock in our warehouse, which can be shipped out within a day.

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