601 Grande

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Polypropylene channel with Class B rated heel guard galvanised grates. Each galvanised grate is supplied with an 8 point security fixing to keep it rattle free from vehicular movements and secure from unauthorised access, as well as steel side edges to give greater resistance to heavy loads. Designed and recommended for shopping centre carparks and areas open to slow moving vehicles.

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Class B
Class B
Heel Guard
Heel Guard
Disability Compliant
Disability Compliant


Internal MeasurementExternal Measurement
300mm x 200mm390mm x 260mmRead more
300mm x 300mm390mm x 360mmRead more


Grande Series Channel Diagram


Product CodeLHL1H1D1D2D3D4D5S1S2AKG
DR601300200300200390260-----200160500 (sold in 1M lengths)34.15
DR601300300300300390360-----10063500 (sold in 1M lengths)35.6


601 Grande Grate Diagram


CodeMaterialDrain Cm²AHH1LFLoad ClassKG
DR601GRATE300Galvanised23043762030100030 X 8Residential, A, B13

Asked Questions

What sizes are available?

Our channels range from 100mm x 50mm – 500mm x 500mm

Internal/External Sizes

All our measurements are internal measurements

Load Classes Explained

The load rating of a grate is a specification of the amount of weight the grate can withstand.

Residential- Will withstand 1.5 ton wheel loading. Footpaths & driveways.

Class A – 330kg nominal wheel loading. Pedestrians, cyclists.

Class B – 2,670kg nominal wheel loading. Driveways (cars & light commercial vehicles)

Class C – 5,000kg nominal wheel loading. Areas with slow moving traffic (shopping centres). Heavy commercial vehicles.

Class D – 8,000kg nominal wheel loading. Highways & roads, lightly loaded forklift, warehouse

Class E – 13,700kg nominal wheel loading. Commercial heavy wheeled traffic, hardwheeled forklifts, construction/military/mining vehicles

Class F – 20,000 nominal wheel loading. Docks, wharfs, airport serviceways & taxiways

Class G – 30,000 nominal wheel loading. Extra heavy duty, airport runways, docks

View our guide to load class classifications here.

Where can I purchase SABdrain?

We have over 800 distributors Australia wide. Find your nearest one here.

Alternatively, contact us & we can assist you.

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