704705706 300200

SAB706 Grande Cast Iron Grated Channel 300mm X 200mm

Class G
Class G
Anti Slip
Additional Information

SABdrain 706 is a heavy duty cast iron grated channel which comes with steel support edging to guarantee higher performance for heavy loads and high wheeled traffic up to the class G Rating. This includes aircraft traffic, loading docks, container terminals, military and all hard wheeled vehicles. The SABdrain 706 high strength cast iron grate is equipped with an 8 point security fixing system to keep it rattle free from vehicular movements and secure from unauthorised access.

SABdrain’s polypropylene channels are easy to install & high strength. The advanced construction of the SABdrain drainage channel gives it greater structural rigidity, protecting it from damage during and after installation. The smooth rounded internal surface of the SABdrain water drainage systems creates higher flows rates while allowing a self cleaning action thus avoiding the accumulation of silt deposits.

Internal Dimensions: 300mm x 200mm

External Dimensions: 390mm x 260mm

Material: Cast Iron
Load Class: F, G
Features: Antislip, Lockdown
Channel Depth: 200
Channel Width: 300