Jonite Breeze Blocks Installation: A Comprehensive Guide

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Occupational Safety & Hygiene Protocols

Safety transcends as the cornerstone of any construction activity. Adhering to stringent safety protocols not only minimised risks, but also ensures a secure and conducive work environment.

Safety Gear

Gloves : Protect your hands from potential cuts and abrasions that can be encountered during the installation process.
Safety Goggles : A crucial shield to protect your eyes from flying particles, ensuring a clear vision throughout the installation process.
Dust Masks : Prevent inhaling fine particles, promoting respiratory health admist a dust prone environment.
Ear Protection : Depending on the noise level on-site, ear protection aids in noise reduction to ensure a comfortable working space
Accessibility to emergency first aids & fire extinguishers is crucial at all times during installation, preparing you for any unforseen incidents.

Essential Tools & Proprietary Materials

The foundation of a successful installation lies in the arsenal of correct tools and materials. Substandard tools can jeopardise safety and compromise the quality and integrity of the installation.

Tools Checklist

  • Precision Masonry Saw or Chisel
    Ideal for altering block dimensions to fit the installation space perfectly
  • Professional Grade Trowel
    Ensures smooth and even application of mortar, crucial for a sturdy installation
  • Industrial Rubber Mallet
    Aids in setting the blocks in place without causing damage
  • High Accuracy Level
    Ensures the evenness and level precision of the blocks, fostering structural integrity
  • Premium Measuring Tape & Carpenters Square
    Indispensable for exact measurements & ensuring perfect right angles, laying the groundwork for a flawless installation
Essential Tools

Proprietary Materials

  • Jonite Breeze Blocks
    Before embarking on the installation, double check quantities & dimensions ensuring they align with your project requirements
  • Jonite Premixed Epoxy Mortars
    Chemically engineered to form a robust bond with Jonite Breeze Blocks, these specialised mortars are your go to for durable installation.
  • Optional Spacers & Distilled Water
    Spacers assist in maintaining uniform joint gaps while distilled water is vital for cleaning & preparing surfaces to ensure a clean, precise installation
Proprietary Materials

Technical Specifications

Jonite’s stone composite technology boasts a remarkable 3-5 times higher tensile strength compared to standard concrete. This superior strength promises not only a durable installation but also has significantly less chances of crack development over time. If your project requires blocks of unique dimensions, Jonite’s customisation options have got you covered. However, remember to place orders well in advance to ensure timely delivery and a smooth installation process.
Material Characteristics

Precise Joint Spacing Standards

Uniform joint spacing transcends more than just aesthetics, its vital for the structural stability of the installation. Aiming for a uniform joint spacing of 3/8 inch between blocks is recommended, employing spacers if necessary to maintain this distance thereby ensuring both structural integrity and a visually appealing approach.

Architectural Considerations: Wall Dimensions & Control Joints

Adhering to specified dimensional criteria for different types of walls and control joint requirements is pivotal for ensuring structural integrity & longevity.
Type of WallHeight CapWidth CapControl Joint Requirement
Free-Standing Wall2M3M2M Intervals
Retaining Wall3M4M3M Intervals
Free Standng Wall

Preliminary Site Evaluation

A thorough pre-installation site evaluation lays the foundation for a seamless installation process.
  • Clean the installation surface of any debris, ensuring a pristine environment for installation
  • The surface must be dry and level; rectify any irregularities before proceeding to ensure a flawless finish
  • Accurately measure and mark out the positioning of blocks and control joints, establishing a clear roadmap for installation
Clean Installation Surface

Masterclass Installation Protocol: Reinforcement with Rebar

Rebar reinforcement is vital for structural robustness, especially for taller installations. The guidelines provided ensure a sturdy installation capable of withstanding the test of time.

Wind Load & Environmental Considerations

In windy regions, a meticulous wind load analysis is extremely important . Additional reinforcements may be necessary depending on local climate conditions and average wind speeds, ensuring a resilient installation capable of weathering the elements.
High Wind

The Jonite Palette: Mortar Colour Selection

Jonite’s array of pre-mixed epoxy mortars come in a spectrum of colours designed to compliment your Jonite Breeze Blocks. Choosing the right colour not only enhances aesthetics but also allows for a harmonious blend with surrounding architecture.

Alternative Applications

Beyond the conventional, Jonite Breeze Blocks manifest versatility. They serve as an excellent choice for external facades, interior feature walls, garden partitions or ornamental installations providing a canvas for architectural creativity.

Finalization & Refinement

Post- installation refinement is the final stroke in your architectural masterpiece
  • Use a soft brush or damp cloth for cleaning any residue or mortar spills, ensuring a pristine finish
  • The grooves in the blocks can be filled up as an aesthetic option if desired, allowing for a sleek refined look.

Quality Assurance & Inspection

A meticulous post installation inspection is crucial to ensure a flawless installation. Look for uniform joint spacing, perfect alignment and rectify any structural or aesthetic inconsistencies ensuring your installation resonates with architectural excellence.
Quality Check
This meticulously crafted guide is designed to navigate you through the process of installing Jonite Breeze Blocks ensuring a flawless execution of your architectural vision. Jonite invites you to shar your installation experiences pose questions or reach out for further assistance.
Delve deeper into each step by downloading the full installation manual and share this guide with others.
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