Looking for a way to elevate your designs? With Jonite Breeze Blocks, we invite you to discover an emblem of architectural sophistication within our exclusive stone composite product range. These decorative Breeze Blocks will enhance landscapes, hardscapes and interiors across both residential and commercial spaces, embodying a vision of unmatched grace and allure.
Natural stone aesthetics
Class 1 fire rating
Low heat and water absorption
Anti-algae self cleaning properties
Customizable colours & designs
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The Latest Masterpiece in Jonite's Premium Architectural Stone Product Portfolio

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With Jonite Breeze Blocks, seamlessly enhance your external hardscape, landscape, and interior projects across residential and commercial developments, transforming your creations into architectural marvels.

Crafted from their proprietary Jonite stone composite material, renowned for its exceptional performance across Jonite’s product range, the Jonite Breeze Block offers low water absorption, unmatched durability, high compressive strength, and an extensive variety of natural stone aesthetics. Their dedication to quality and innovation ensures that every Breeze Block stands as a testament to the enduring elegance of natural stone. Safety remains paramount in all architectural endeavours, and the Jonite Breeze Block adheres to this principle. Rigorously tested and certified Class 1 for flame spread according to BS 476: Part 7: 1997, you can confidently integrate Jonite Breeze Blocks into your designs, meeting the strictest safety standards.

The Jonite Breeze Block’s unrivalled customization possibilities set it apart. Their diverse collection of designs and colours empowers you to realize your unique vision. For truly bespoke creations, Jonite’s team of experts is ready to collaborate, crafting custom designs that encapsulate your artistic expression.

In addition, the Jonite Breeze Block features advanced antialgae selfcleaning properties, ensuring enduring beauty with minimal maintenance. This innovative aspect guarantees pristine appearances while simplifying up keep.

Discover the harmonious blend of artistry and innovation with the Jonite Breeze Block, and elevate your architectural projects to unparalleled heights. Redefine design excellence with this exceptional product that skilfully unites form and function.

Available Colours

* Please note that the samples inherit their core colours from their natural sources, colour may vary

Design Options

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Breeze Blocks Built to Impress

With Breeze Blocks designed to deliver authentic stone appeal, it’s easier than ever to immerse yourself in the enduring allure of stone. With our diverse palette of colors and designs and the material’s unmatched strength and resilience, you’ll set a new standard in architectural excellence. Whereas concrete blocks often have a one-dimensional aesthetic, Jonite Breeze Blocks offer a myriad of colors, finishes, and designs. This wide color range is a testament to the use of natural stones, contributing to the blocks’ ability to blend into various architectural styles and add a touch of sophistication to any design.

Whether you use them for a residential or commercial project, you’ll take advantage of our cutting-edge self-cleaning technology with anti-algae properties, which simplifies upkeep and maintenance. Installation of Jonite Breeze Blocks is straightforward and similar to the process of installing concrete blocks. Our Breeze Blocks accommodate a range of mortars, from cement to lime, further enhancing their versatility. Notably, epoxy mortar provides a stronger adhesive bond with Jonite’s material, compared to traditional concrete blocks, enhancing the integrity of the structures built.

Optional Customisation

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    Custom color, design,
    size and texture

  • 02

    Custom curves

  • 03

    Lockable grates

  • 04

    Heel proof grates

  • Frequently
    Asked Questions

    How do Jonite Breeze Blocks compare with traditional concrete blocks?

    The comparison reveals many advantages. Regular concrete blocks are commonly found in raw concrete colors, and colored variations often appear largely synthetic. In stark contrast, Jonite Breeze Blocks are significantly more durable, owing to their exceptionally low water absorption capacity and self-cleaning capabilities,  making them far more durable than traditional concrete breeze blocks. With high compressive and tensile strength, Jonite Breeze Blocks are substantially stronger than concrete blocks, expanding their potential applications. 

    Can Jonite Breeze Blocks be designed to a specific open area for better ventilation?

    Absolutely, Jonite is capable of tailoring a breeze block to match your unique open area needs. In contrast to other Jonite products, breeze blocks are less reliant on load requirements, giving us increased flexibility in open area customization.

    Are Jonite Breeze Blocks suitable for outdoor applications?

    Certainly! Jonite Breeze Blocks aren’t merely appropriate for exterior use, but they thrive under these conditions. Their special material makeup allows them to resist even the most severe weather and temperature conditions. They also feature self cleaning properties, making them significantly more durable than traditional concrete breeze blocks.

    I am thinking of customising designs & colours. Where do i start?

    Jonite has a transparent step-by-step process page on their website to give you an idea. Contact us today to start your process.

    Is Jonite sustainable?

    Jonite is on a mission to lead the way towards a greener future. This is why everything Jonite does starts with sustainability in mind. All Jonite products are proudly made of at least 30% recycled materials. Unused products don’t go in the trash. Steel and stone that meet their strict requirements are recycled so they can be used again as raw materials.

    Learn more here.