Trench Drainage System Installation

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SABdrain trench drainage system installation is a fast & easy process thanks to our click clack channels. For the highest strength performance, it is imperative that the channel & grate are installed correctly. If installed incorrectly, there is a risk the channel & grate will collapse.

Excavation & Concrete Base

SABdrain trench drainage systems use an M type channel and thus requires the strengthening of concrete to support loads of vertical and horizontal thrust. In creating a concrete haunch to lock the channel, it enables it to meet the required load rating as specified in AS4058-2006.
M Type Channel
Step 1

1. Excavation Design

The dimensions & rating of the channel should be considered when determining the size of the trench. The trench should be excavated from the lowest point of discharge to the highest point. The base should be compacted well, especially if the ground is soft.
Step 2

2. Concrete Base

Lay the concrete base to the recommended thickness as specified in table 2.10 using a minimum strength of 20 MPA. Allow enough gradient in the base for water drainage.
Step 3

3. Channel Installation

Assemble the channels including fixing the grates to the channels and position inside the trench starting from the lowest point of discharge ensuring that each channel unit is locked securely together and aligned. Place concrete along the sides of the channel making sure that it worked into the ribbing along the base as well as sides paying particular to the grate support edge.
Dimensionsofconcrete2Load Class Table
Load ClassClass AClass BClass CClass DClass EClass FClass G
Concrete bed size (H)80mm100mm150mm150mm200mm200mm200mm
Concrete lateral backfill size (L)100mm100mm150mm150mm200mm200mm200mm

Assembly Of Channel

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Assembly Of Grates

Install metal edges if required. Assemble grates & lockdown. Screw and tighten bolts to secure grates and lockdown pieces, ensuring not to tighten screws too much to prevent snapping. Widen anchors to an inclination of 45 degrees from the channnel. It is extremely important to concrete with grates inside the channel to prevent bowing. It will be impossible to install grates after concrete has set. 

Creating a corner/90 Degree Angle/Tees/Cross/Bends

Corner 1024x662
SAB trench drainage channels have preset lateral connections for 90 degree joining of 2 channel units together. This allows for right angles, corners, tees & crosses to be created without any additional fittings.