End Caps

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Internal MeasurementExternal Measurement
100mm x 50mm100mm x 50mmRead more
100mm x 100mm100mm x 100mmRead more
100mm x 100mm with 90mm outlet100mm x 100mm with 90mm outletRead more
100mm x 150mm100mm x 150mmRead more
150mm x 100mm150mm x 100mmRead more
150mm x 150mm150mm x 150mmRead more
150mm x 150mm with 110mm outlet150mm x 150mm with 110mm outletRead more
200mm x 50mm200mm x 50mmRead more
200mm x 100mm200mm x 100mmRead more
200mm x 150mm200mm x 150mmRead more
200mm x 200mm200mm x 200mmRead more
200mm x 250mm200mm x 250mmRead more
200mm x 300mm200mm x 300mmRead more
300mm x 300mm300mm x 300mmRead more
500mm x 500mm500mm x 500mmRead more

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