SAB902 Anti-Slip Stainless Steel Grated Channel 200mm X 250mm

Class A
Class A
Anti Slip
Disability Compliant
Disability Compliant
Additional Information

Polypropylene channels with 304 stainless steel anti-slip heel guard grate. 2 point lockdown security fixing. Suitable to be used around pool areas, paths, gardens, train stations, schools, universities. Developed for the high end architectural market incorporating a 304 Stainless Steel Wedge Wire anti-slip heel guard type grate design that is both stylish and appealing while still being able to meet the requirements of the industry. This Class A rated polypropylene channel offers the maximum versatility while delivering a lifetime of low maintenance, with the click-clack channels ensuring installation is a quick & easy task. The SABdrain 902 wedgewire grate features a lockdown mechanism & is heel guard, ensuring no heeled shoes, pet paws, bike/skateboard wheels are caught. The lockdown secures the grate from any rattling if any vehicles are driving over it as well as from unauthorised access.

The SABdrain 902 is suitable to be used around pool or spa areas as drainage, as well as in pathways, walkways, gardens, train stations, schools, universities and more.

SABdrain’s polypropylene channels are easy to install & high strength. The advanced construction of the SABdrain drainage channel gives it greater structural rigidity, protecting it from damage during and after installation. The smooth rounded internal surface of the SABdrain water drainage systems creates higher flows rates while allowing a self cleaning action thus avoiding the accumulation of silt deposits.

Internal Dimensions: 200mm x 250mm

External Dimensions: 250mm x 300mm

Material: Stainless Steel
Load Class: Residential, A
Features: Antislip, Heel Guard, Lockdown, Wheelchair and Walking Cane Compliant
Channel Depth: 250
Channel Width: 200