Future-Proofing Against Extreme Weather: The Importance of Efficient Surface Water Drainage Systems

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Futureproofing Roads Against Extreme Weather
Source: 9News
In recent years, the need for sufficient water drainage along our roads has become more important than ever. For the fourth time in 18 months, NSW has been hit by floods causing widespread damage. Floods have been on the rise with the 2022 rainfall being 26% above the national average from 1961-1990, leading to significant flood events in the eastern states throughout the year. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) latest assessment report highlights the trend of these extreme weather events to intensify in frequency. It highlights that it is not enough to build cities, towns, tunnels and roadways based on business-as-usual planning principles. It’s crucial to take steps towards future-proofing new developments to ensure efficient surface water drainage, preventing unnecessary flood damage to property.
As our cities become increasingly less permeable with a higher coverage of hard surfaces, such as concrete and asphalt, efficient surface water drainage systems are necessary to mitigate any potential issues as rainfall intensifies.

With high volume of rain, it’s crucial to use larger drainage channel sizes as they can effectively handle larger volumes of surface water, reducing the risk of flooding. A larger channel size can accommodate a greater flow of water, ensuring efficient drainage during heavy rainfall events. Additionally, larger channels can handle debris and sediment build-up, preventing blockages and reducing maintenance requirements. Using larger drainage channel sizes is an important consideration when designing efficient surface water drainage systems for high rainfall areas.

SABdrain offers a range of large drainage channel sizes, up to a 500mm x 500mm. The smooth, rounded internal surface of the SABdrain water drainage system allows for higher flow rates and a self-cleaning action, preventing the accumulation of silt deposits. The unique construction of the SABdrain drainage channel provides excellent structural rigidity, protecting it from damage during and after installation.
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