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  • Stepped Fall Cap

    Code: DRSTEP200

    Thanks to their modular features SABdrain channels (of equal width) can be linked together even if they are of different heights. In this way you can obtain a progressive increase of the flow rate in the section of channel, according to an installation system called “stepped fall system”. To connect a channel having a different height to another, a stepped fall cap is required.
    Internal Channel Depth: 50
    Internal Channel Width: 200
  • SABDrain 951 has Class A Stainless Steel Wedge Wire heel guard grate combined with its flat edgeless design giving it the versatailty to be used in a variety of locations requiring drainage swimming pool surrounds, shopping centres, pedestrian walkways

    SAB951 Stainless Steel Wedgewire 100 x 50mm

    Code: DR95110050

    SAB900 Elite Range has been developed for the high end architectural market incorporating a marine grade stainless steel heel guard type grate design that is both stylish and appealing while still being able to meet the requirements of the industry. This rated polypropylene channel offers the maximum versatility while delivering a lifetime of low maintenance, with the click-clack channels ensuring installation is a quick & easy task. The 951 edgeless grate is heel guard, ensuring no heeled shoes, pet paws, bike/skateboard wheels are caught. The SABDrain 951 is suitable to be used around pool or spa areas as drainage, as well as in driveways, pathways, walkways, gardens, train stations, schools, universities and more. please download product brochure below for more details
    Internal Channel Depth: 50
    Internal Channel Width: 100
    Grate Material: Stainless Steel
  • End Caps 100 x 50mm

    Code: DREC10050

    The SABDrain end cap blocks the end of your run, sliding in through pre-cut slots in the channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEo2H0TZvN4
    Internal Channel Depth: 50
    Internal Channel Width: 100
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