Soloman Islands

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SABdrain was so proud to see 140 meters of our 601 installed at an amazing new community market facility in Gizo, an island located in the west of the Soloman Islands.

The aim of the redevelopment of the Gizo Market is to provide secure facilities for women to sell their market produce, empowering & enabling them to engage in the economy and improve the livelihoods and health of their families. The impacts of climate change, including severe cyclones, flooding and storm surge, are threatening the integrity of these facilities across the Pacific Islands, in this case the Soloman Islands. Gizo Market has ensured it is designed to withstand wind speeds of a Category 5 cyclone and resist sea level rises, with the market site raised above 2055 sea level rise projections.

Working closely with the women producers, the architects were provided specifications to meet women’s needs and disability access, as well as current climate projections developed under Australia’s Pacific climate science and information services. The design includes a sea wall to protect the market and reinforced beams to withstand high wind speeds. SABdrain’s 601 fit perfectly with the brief with its lockdown, heel guard grate ensuring it stays locked down whether there is a cyclone or just foot traffic passing over it. As the grates are in 1M pieces, it is an easy process to remove the grates to clean the inside of the channel. Smooth internal surfaces of the SABdrain channels ensures surface water is drained quickly & efficiently, therefore there is no slipping danger around the market.

Supplied by Reece Plumbing , South Melbourne and installed  by Reeves International, SAB was happy to be a part of such an amazing project.

Such an awesome project that is making such a big difference to many families, something we often say….”its the detail that makes the difference”!