Rosebay 7

Pathway around Lyne Park required drainage. SABDrain 601 grate & channel was installed along the pathway to aid in quick & efficient drainage. Lyne Park is a large Sydney Harbour foreshore park with a diverse range of recreation opportunities including a basketball court and public tennis courts. The park has large grassed areas, shady trees for picnics and a café. It provides access to Rose Bay boat ramp, a commercial seaplane base, and public and commercial ferry services. The large playground is very popular for families with children. It has both natural and sail shade and includes areas of organic and rubber softfall. The playground features an activity net, a steel cable flying fox, traditional swings, animal rockers, slides and imaginative play units such as a fantasy house and a sea coaster vessel.

The pathway around the popular park required drainage to stop the accumulation of water which created a slip hazard around/on the heavily trafficked pathway. SABDrain 601 grate & channel was installed in sections along the pathway to aid in quick & efficient drainage of water. SABDrain 601 was perfect, combining the flexibility and durability of a polypropylene drainage channel unit whilst still being able to satisfy the strength requirements for any vehicles that may need to drive into the park. This Class B rated channel and grate has been designed to offer maximum versatility while delivering a lifetime of low maintenance service. Each galvanized gate comes with a 2 point security fixing, to keep it rattle free from vehicular movements and secure it from unauthorized access. Easily removed with a key, the 601 grates can be taken off for cleaning.  This is a heel guard type grate, preventing heeled shoes , bike/pram wheels, dog paws and other objects from becoming stuck in the grate.

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