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Established in 1883, Orange Grove Public School is a growing metropolitan school situated in the heart of Lilyfield in Sydney’s Inner West. The school currently supports the learning of students from Preschool to Year 6 and strives to be a school of excellence, offering students a broad curriculum across academic subjects, wellbeing, sport and the creative and performing arts. As apart of recent upgrades to the schools landscaping, Reece Matraville supplied 40M of SABdrain’s 707 300mm x 300mm to be installed in the courtyard.

The SABdrain 707 features a Class D heel guard cast iron grate, renowned for its strength and reliability. Each grate is equipped with an 8-point security fixing system, guaranteeing a rattle-free installation even in the presence of vehicular movements. Unauthorised access is prevented, ensuring maximum security. Designed for optimal functionality, the smooth and rounded internal surface of the channels facilitates higher flow rates, enabling efficient drainage while preventing the accumulation of silt deposits. This self-cleaning action ensures uninterrupted performance, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. Installation is a breeze with the SABdrain system. The 1-meter lengths of the channels provide flexibility, allowing for easy customisation to fit any project requirements. Joining channels together is effortless thanks to the innovative click clack feature, streamlining the installation process and saving valuable time and effort. In addition, the SABdrain channels features preset pipe connections on the base and side of the channels allow for simple cut-outs and seamless integration with standard PVC fittings, ensuring a hassle-free connection to the stormwater network. Preset cutouts also allow for right angles & corners to be created effortlessly, as pictured at this job.