Oran Park Community Centre

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The Julia Reserve Youth and Community Centre will service the needs of Oran Park Town residents, a growing neighbourhood in Western Sydney. The 1300 sqm centre will provide a focal point for the community and social interaction, while providing a facility with youth focused activity rooms for both events and engagement programs. The centre will also act as a recreation space for the community with a 190 seat Cultural Activity Room and auditorium available to be utilised by both local business and residents for formal and informal events, and office and meeting space available for short and long-term bookings.

Designed & delivered  MODE’s Sydney studio, the designs aim was to create ‘a sense of continuity between the development and its surrounding environment, a modern, playful and dynamic design.’ Situated directly adjacent to the youth precinct and skate park, the centre provides a visual connection for those transitioning through the forecourt, the brightly coloured ‘pink ribbon’ that wraps the frontage on both sides, a throwback to the history of the Oran Park Raceway, mimicking the curved racetrack. “We needed the design to be modern, yet youthful and flexible to encourage use of the facility by the whole community. In delivering a youth focussed centre where rooms could be utilised for programs such as dance, drama and martial arts, we also provided spaces that are flexible in use for both sporting and community groups, and private events.” says Paul Oreshkin, Director, MODE Sydney. 

As part of the project, SABdrain’s 951 stainless grate & 100mm x 100mm polypropylene channel with the smart edgeless stainless steel grate fitting perfectly into the modern, youthful & architectural design brief. Installed around the centre’s pathways the drainage system will ensure the walkways stay free of surface water, keeping those skating & walking around the grounds stay safe. The 951 is a heel guard grate which will ensure no heels of shoes- or skateboard wheels- are caught inside the grate during any events.