Northernroad 11

The Australian and NSW governments have upgraded The Northern Road as part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan (WSIP), a $4.1 billion road investment program. The project upgraded around 35 kilometres of The Northern Road between The Old Northern Road at Narellan and Jamison Road at South Penrith. The project upgrades the road to a minimum four-lane divided road, and up to an eight-lane divided road with dedicated bus lanes. The upgrade to The Northern Road also includes interchanges with the new M12 Motorway, the M4 Motorway and Bringelly Road. The Northern Road upgrade will improve safety, provide improved road linkages within the western Sydney region, increase road capacity, reduce congestion and travel times, and support the region’s growing population. Stage 5, the final stage of this project, opened to traffic in November 2021.

At the Glenmore Parkway intersection of the road, SABdrain 704 300mm x 300mm was installed to remove surface water from the roadway. Our 300mm x 300mm polypropylene channel allows for a greater flow capacity allowing rapid discharge of water. This modular system made it an easy drain to be installed using our easy channel interlocking connection system. This allowed the works to become trafficable far sooner.

The Class D channel & grate is able to withstand the traffic of the road, whether that be a car or a semi-trailer truck. Each of the grates has a ‘4 point’ security fixing system, making the drain system secure from unauthorized access and the Cast Iron grates are rattle free from vehicular movements.

‘The SABdrain was very convenient to use on the Northern Road Stage 5. The product was easily handled and very quick to install. We used 60% of the allocated time to install the SABdrain than we anticipated.I would recommend the product for use in the future on all our projects.’

Hassan Ghonaim; Senior Project Engineer, CPB Contractors