Darling Harbour

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Beside the footpath in the Darling Harbour precinct is some custom 601 SABdrain galvanised grates & our polypropylene channels.

Darling Harbour is one of Sydney’s CBD’s buzz places. The former dockside area and small harbour has gradually been transformed into one of the biggest urban redevelopments Sydney has seen. This proud 22 hectare precinct is home to a lot: the new International Convention Centre, Exhibition Centre,  Hotels, Bars, the Chinese Gardens , just to name a few. The aim of the amazing landscape design (designed by HASSELL)was to ‘wow’ first time visitors to the space, as well as delight regular visitors to the precinct. Landscape Architecture Angus Bruce said “It was important that the spaces are high quality, open and flexible to allow the maximum variety of both casual and organised uses. The precinct has a very complex and layered program of activities across each month and season, and the design needed to be pared down and restrained in many ways to ensure optimum flexibility. From open lawn concerts and circus events to market stalls and busking, the public realm had to allow adaptability and room for multiple uses,”

Opposite the International Convention centre amongst the gardens lies a synchronised misting surprise. SABdrains channel and metal grate was needed to provide a channel and grate for the carrying of electrical cables and as part of the amazing landscape design at. Synchronised uplights custom built within the grate come on with misting fog jets giving the 601 channel and grate its own light show, as well as keeping the gardens nourished. The grate is kept secure by a 2 point lockdown system, ensuring the grate is locked from unauthorised access. Easily removed with a key, the grates can be lifted for any maintenance that needs to be carried out on the cables or the channels.