Campbelltown Station

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Stainless steel drainage grate is installed in front of a colourful mural

Campbelltown railway station is located on the Main South line, serving the Sydney suburb of Campbelltown a major town in the Greater Western Sydney.

Hurley Street Underpass is an important entry point linking the station to the City. Campbelltown’s council mayor proposed an upgrade to the Underpass with 2 aims

  1. to improve pedestrian safety &;
  2. to improve the overall look of the underpass.

The project included improved lighting, a non-slip floor with installation of Sabdrains 901 Stainless Steel Grate and Channel. A noticeboard highlighting ‘What’s On’ in Campbelltown as well as the inside of the tunnel being freshly painted with images of iconic local sights and events completing the aesthetic enhancements.

The addition of the 304 graded Stainless Steel Wedge Wire heel Guard Grate gives a smart visual finish keeping it all inline with the Mayor’s initial vision of the refurbishment at Campbelltown Station.